Teambuilding benefits

Teambuilding workshops promote creativity, heighten awareness of one another, and increase your group’s motivation. They help every individual to feel like an important part of the team. We can encourage or rebuild your confidence in your own abilities and reinforce your sense of community. Because the participants all end up more motivated and engaged, there’s also a direct benefit for your business.

The time you share together will make for an unforgettable experience!

“Music’s the perfect medium to get people working together as one.”

Gabriel, instructor for thePlanetDrum teambuilding

How will you benefit from thePlanetDrum teambuilding workshops?

thePlanetDrum teambuilding workshops work on several levels.

They reinforce participants’ individual self-confidence and give them a sense of their own self-efficacy. Making music together and solving tasks as a collective also creates a feeling of solidarity within the group. This brings out the enthusiasm and teamwork in everyone!

Our promise


We’ll strengthen your coordination and solidify the structure of your team. Together, we’ll ultimately create an energy that holds everyone’s attention. Whether it’s for a private or a professional setting, by the end everyone is enriched by the experience of being an indispensable part of a whole.

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