thePlanetDrum teambuilding workshops

Teambuilding opportunities, using percussion instruments and engaging your whole body

Come as a group. Leave as a team.

thePlanetDrum teambuilding workshops build up a shared energy that’s impossible to ignore. An unforgettable experience!

A wide range of options

Bodycussion workshops, Beat it like Stomp, live performances – we’ll help you find the perfect workshop for your group!

Let the beat bring you together.

Feel the powerful sound of the drums in your feet, your legs and your gut. Get swept along by an irresistible, evolving energy, and become a cohesive unit together.

That’s teambuilding with thePlanetDrum.

Our team

As the largest private drum and percussion school in Berlin, with 5 different sites, we have a well-established team of internationally experienced professional musicians. Successful teambuilding is guaranteed!


We can find the right workshop for you. Please get in touch!

“I was surprised by the volume of sound we were able to put out together!”

Workshop participant, corporate communications

“The question came up whether we could order some drums for the office as well, so I think everyone wanted to keep on going!”

Workshop participant, office management

“The instructors were very friendly and worked really well together. Good role models!”

Workshop participant, events

“Great team event. Thanks, Agustin and Mirko!”

Olga Steidl (via Google)