Drums and Motion Workshop for Teambuilding

Drums and Motion is a synthesis of body, rhythm and real percussion. Participants use their own bodies as well as different percussion instruments to produce irresistible rhythms.

Drums and Motion Workshop

In our combined workshop, you’ll learn all the different ways you can use rhythm to get your team working in harmony. With or without instruments, an unforgettable experience awaits. You’ll discover the many different methods for producing sound and learn different techniques for interacting in a coordinated manner. As a finishing touch, you’ll experience how multiple individuals can come together as part of a greater whole, with individual members that act independently while still fitting together as a team.

At a glance

  • Learn different ways to produce sound with your body
  • Learn different percussion instruments
  • Coordination exercises with and without an instrument
  • Introduction to studying rhythm and applying it to team cooperation
  • Work together to build cooperation within individual groups using different instruments
  • Learn to coordinate with one another for successful teamwork
  • Big closing performance together, with the whole team playing along

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    thePlanetDrum Live

    Our experienced thePlanetDrum team will play a live session with drums and percussion at your company event. You can book us either in combination with one of our workshops or separately.

    We’ll also be happy to arrange additional bands and entertainment acts for your event.

    Teambuilding and COVID-19

    We have optimized hygiene plans available for every size of group. We can also adapt each workshop to your individual needs. Please don’t hesitate to approach us with any questions.